Welcome to our online application for housing.

We have the following housing programs available:

Housing Choice Voucher

Click here for information on our Housing Choice Voucher program.
This waiting list is currently Closed .

Public Housing

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This waiting list is currently Closed .

Please note: When applying for public housing, applicants will be placed on one of two waiting lists. The first being regular public housing, and the second being our premier housing program. The requirements for premier are below, if you do not fit these, you will still be placed on the regular public housing waiting list.

Requirements for Premier:

- Head of Household must be 18 years of age or older.
- All applicants must qualify with an initial income of 50% of the area median income limit for size per the table below effective 11/01/2019;

2 Person $24,600
3 Person $27,650
4 Person $30,700

- Head of household must be legally and continuously employed with 20 or more hours per week AND have qualifying income or; Must meet the definition of Elder or Disabled family as defined by HUD AND have qualifying income.
- Resident must provide written documentation from employer for job loss after admission and become legally employed within a 60 day-period of job loss or will be disqualified from residency at the Baugh-Clemmer Town Homes Development. Once disqualified, resident must transfer at their expense to the first available unit in another public housing development or choose an alternative housing arrangement.
- Residents must agree to a home inspection by CHA representatives of current residence or living in, and semi-annual inspections during occupancy.
- Head of Household must maintain all utilities in their name.

Prior residents of CHA Public Housing must:
- Have had no poor housekeeping reports within the last 12 months;
- Have no history of conflicts with neighbors or management in the past 12 months;
- Have paid in full any balance owed CHA

Our waiting lists are closed.